GlucoRx HCT Range

This FAQ covers GlucoRx’s HCT and HCT Connect meters. For specific information, please see respective Owner’s manual.


Is my meter covered by a lifetime warranty?

GlucoRx is committed to ensuring that your meter and testing requirements are fulfilled and covered by a lifetime warranty.

Which free accessories are available?

Registered GlucoRx users are eligible for free/spare batteries, control key, blood glucose monitoring diaries, PC link cables, lancing devices, carry case, instruction manuals upon request through www.glucorx.co.uk, or by phoning GlucoRx Customer care on 01483 755133.

How do I keep my meter clean?

To avoid your device getting dirty, dusty or contaminated, wash and dry your hands thoroughly before use.

Meter exterior – wipe with a cloth moistened with tap water or a mild cleaning agent (not organic solvents), and then dry with a soft/clean cloth.

Lancing device (this is reusable) – use a mild soap and water to clean the lancing device; do NOT rinse under water, use detergents or place in a dishwasher.

What are the operating and storage conditions for my meter?

Operating conditions: 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F), below 85% R.H. (non-condensing)

Meter Storage / Transportation conditions: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F), below 95% R.H.

Strip Storage / Transportation conditions: 2°C to 32°C (35.6°F to 89.6°F) for glucose test strip and 2°C to 30°C (35.6°F to 86°F) for β-ketone test strip, below 85% R.H.

What is the shelf life of my meter components?

GlucoRx HCT Glucose Test Strips – Each box of 50x strips has the expiry date printed on the box.

GlucoRx HCT Ketone Test Strips – 18 months expiry, or until individual foil pack opened.

Can lancets be reused?

To reduce the chance of infection, never share a lancet or the lancing device with others. Always use a new, sterile lancet that is in date as they are disposable and intended for single use only.

Can my memory be deleted?

GlucoRx HCT meter does not have a memory deletion function. When the memory is full, the last result disappears with every new result that is added. With HCT Connect, your smart phone can show unlimited readings.

Would I lose my memory when changing the battery?

Replacing the batteries does not affect the test results stored in memory.

What happens if I see the ‘E-b’ symbol?

When this low battery symbol warning is displayed on screen after about 500 readings, you are advised to change the battery as soon as possible.

Does my meter give whole blood or plasma referenced results?

Results are plasma calibrated from whole blood.

What is the haematocrit?

0 – 70% (glucose strips); 10 – 70% (ketone strips).

Do I need to code my meter?

New HCT meters are non-coding.

What about when the clocks go backwards or forwards?

You have to manually update the time settings on your HCT meter.

Where is the SET button located?

You can change the settings by accessing the small “Set” button behind the battery panel at the back of your HCT meter.

Can my meter be used on newborn babies or at high altitude?

The blood glucose test strip can be used for the testing of newborns.

The β-ketone test strip must NOT be used for the testing of newborns.

When using both glucose and ketone strips, altitudes of up to 10,742 feet (3,275m) do not affect test results.

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How do I download my readings with HCT meter?

Please refer to instructions on https://www.glucorx.co.uk/our-products/software/.

Does my meter have a ketone alert?

The GlucoRx HCT meter displays a ketone alert when blood glucose result ≥15mmol/L.

What happens if I am unable to extract enough blood?

Try adjusting the 6 depth settings on your GlucoRx Lancing device.

How can I improve the accuracy of my result?

Select a different puncture site each time to prevent soreness and callouses. Clean the site with warm water and let it air-dry completely before pricking. Improve blood flow to the site by warming it and gently massaging. Press the lancing device firmly against your skin. Gently squeeze the punctured area, discard the first drop of blood and obtain at least 1.0µL of blood from the purer sample that emerges from underneath; do NOT smear it.

Which factors affect blood ketone/glucose monitoring?

There are many factors affecting blood glucose/ketone monitoring and accuracy, namely correct meter calibration, hand washing, blood sampling technique/quality, meter and strip expiry/storage/usage (temperature, humidity), and certain medications taken by the user.

What should I do if I get a questionable reading?

Ensure the blood sample completely fills the confirmation window of the test strip, check the test strips have not expired, do a control test and even repeat with strip from another pot/batch.

Which type of ketone does my meter test for?

The β-Ketone test measures Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (ß -OHB), the most important of the three β-Ketone bodies in the blood.

Explain the enzyme technology my meter utilises?

GDH-FAD technology avoids interference from blood oxygen variations and can be applied to capillary and venous blood samples. These GDH-FAD strips have no significant reactivity to any non-glucose sugars (i.e. maltose) at therapeutic or physiological levels.

GlucoRx HCT glucose test strips with GDH-FAD enzyme technology utilise 2+2 (AC and DC) Bio Signal. AC signal works to measure the haematocrit result and DC measures glucose.

Device then modulates glucose level according to haematocrit value.

What are the performance characteristics of my meter?

The latest ISO 15197:2015 specifies 95% of glucose results must be within ±15% of a reference standard (for results at or above 5.55mmol/L) and within ±0.83mmol/L (for results below 5.55mmol/L). 100% results from GlucoRx HCT meters fulfil the system accuracy requirements of this ISO standard.

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