GKI, or the Glucose Ketone Index, is a simple formula that tracks the ratio of blood glucose to ketones as a single value. It’s a biomarker for tracking your metabolic health as well as your level of ketosis, and it’s easily tracked if you have a blood glucose and ketones testing meter like GlucoRx HCT.

Calculating and interpreting GKI result

Glucose reading from HCT meter ÷ Ketone reading from HCT meter = GKI

gki image

Blood glucose and ketone tests should be conducted 2 to 3 hours after a meal, twice a day, if possible. Testing twice a day allows you to recognise if and how your dietary intake is affecting your Glucose Ketone Index.

The longer you lead a “clean” ketogenic lifestyle with a diet rich with whole foods, the better your GKI reading will be. You can also affect your numbers through intermittent fasting, reducing stress, and getting adequate sleep. Identifying and eliminating trigger foods, through blood testing, also helps refine your GKI.

So order your GlucoRx HCT meter with test strips now so you’ll have all the tools you need to track your GKI and achieve optimal health.

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