GlucoRx Keto: About Us

GlucoRx Keto, a leading supplier of medical devices, comprises a passionate team focused on optimising the ketogenic lifestyle for a healthier humankind. GlucoRx Keto’s innovative HCT/Connect meters are ideal for monitoring ketosis on a ketogenic journey.

On 1 February 2016, GlucoRx Keto launched its revolutionary new HCT meter which has more accurate and precise ketone monitoring technology. The ideal meter for those on a long term Keto diet.

GlucoRx Keto’s mission is to offer reasonably priced, quality products for our customers, so that they can practice the ketogenic diet safely. We offer
a lifetime warranty on all our meters, as well as free support in using our products. We aim to keep our prices low and our customers healthy. As a medical devices supplier, we understand that it is our responsibility to supply and distribute reliable and affordable technology to our customers.

Join the KetoClub for a consistent supply of strips to aid you on your Keto Journey. While many users may like to make individual purchases, this subscription service allows users who are committed to the Keto diet to bulk buy their strips, so they can focus on life without worrying about their strip usage.

We are believers of research and studies, and studies have shown that the Keto Diet aids weight loss and management of many medical issues. One such example is type-2 Diabetes. Please check out GlucoRx for more options for those with type 1 & type 2 diabetes.

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